Emotion Paris, Pleasure home

Emotion reinvents the sex games by creating a range of luxury and refined sex toys, made of noble materials, dedicated to the intimacy and pleasure of the Woman and her partner.


Being seductive, audacious and refined, accept this gift of provoking originality and extreme fidelity.

Dare to try the most painful and most pleasurable of tests. Dare to try the newest of experiences: surrender yourself to your partner's orders. Feel the jewel awaken and move inside your body by an invisible link.

From this luxurious surrender, a new art of pleasure is born. Through the magic of vibrations, never-before experienced Emotions combined with subtle pleasure will be born.


Present the most surprisingly unusual gift there is, give the sex jewel par excellence: give the Emotion sex toy as a present, a luxurious and refined remote controlled product.

In an inopportune place, an intimate and hushed environment, transgress everything that's forbidden and dare to try the shameful. Present this jewel to your partner but remain in control of its use. Take pleasure in controlling their pleasure. Activate the jewel as you wish, using the remote control which you keep carefully hidden.

So much more than a rare and precious gift, this jewel emphasises the strength of your attachment for your partner. It then becomes a gauge of respect, trust and complicity.

Emotion reinvents the sex games by luxury's sexy toys.
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